Post-modern Computer – Education – Development and deployment of

Opening the Window into Self-knowledge Series
Level 3 intellectual attainment

Post-modern Opensource Computer Education – Development and deployment of

“Take the knowledge and create professional products.”
“Approach the computer through a relaxing detachment.”
“The inter-webs have been called the ‘Eternal Stone’ – for as long as we continue at our present technological level every thing posted online will remain in the collective domain accessible.”

    Goals –

  • 1. To achieve comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to create, develop and deploy a website and other computer products in alignment with systematic branding through opensource technology
  • 2. To achieve understanding of computer metaphors; technological concepts including hardware and software architectures, with a focus on opensource development
  • 3. To achieve certainty of success as in intellectual industry and competence over inferiority
  • 4. To provide alternatives to peer group pressures
    Objectives –

  • 1. To construct develop and deploy a website as a team in alignment with a whole system of branding
  • 2. To differentiate, use, integrate and develop various technology systems and coding skills necessary for the development of computer products
  • 3. To differentiate and conceptualize website market branding while actively participating as a team member
  • 4. To learn and extend metaphor through advancing categorical thinking through practice and application
  • 5. To apply praxis; To develop action solutions and reflect upon impact through dialogue

Materials –
Access to a computer or web ready device
Access to the internet

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