Counselor Profile

Dustin Tomblin MS, CPC, LADC


Mental Health Counselor, Substance use and Recovery Counselor


Ivy Counseling –

I know for sure that – Healing and Recovery happens, “Where Courage meets Compassion.”

I specialize in providing a way out – healing for Trauma related to medical diagnosis in relation to chronic and terminal illness.

Touched dynamically personally and professionally by medical diagnosis, I have the experience to help you and your family. I come from a place of equanimity, a non-judgmental stance extending compassion through the process of healing. I have provided therapy in Las Vegas Nevada for many years as a Ryan White counselor working to help people accept the diagnosis of HIV and AIDS. This work radically changed lives for the better making possible light were there was darkness and despair.

Yes, you can recover. I have seen it. I want you to imagine a life without the mental and emotional pain and the pressure of endless drama locked in through trauma. I want you to glimpse a moment where the compulsions to negativity and dispare end. Take a breath, step above your past into the now moment and know that – help is here, change is possible. We can together end the patterns of suffering, find wholeness and resilience.

I work with clients who are ready for change, want to work with me, and are willing to pay for a valuable service. The journey to become a counselor remains exceeding expensive and arduous testament to the value of counseling services. What is the value of your life or the quality of your life – it is beyond measure. You are worth it, I am worth it.

I enjoy alternatives in history and science including conspiracy theory, advance spirituality in theory and practice, enjoy postmodern over modern and prefer heavy metal punk rock over pop music.

Master of Science (M.S.) from UNLV

Certified Professional Counselor (CPC) #CP0224

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADC) #01732-L