Annotated Bibliography #2 – Integrating mindfulness

Annotated Bibliography #2 Integrating mindfulness

Lau, M. A., & McMain, S. F. (2005). Integrating mindfulness meditation with cognitive and behavioural therapies: The challenge of combining acceptance- and change-based strategies. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 50(13), 863-869.

Buddhist practice has become an influence in western therapy. It contains ancient wisdom towards wellbeing in both theory and practice. Yet a disconnect appears. The western worldview has been positioned in contradiction to many of these eastern philosophical constructs. With a individualistic and reductionist perspective at a base line for the evaluation of mental health, westerners in general will have a very difficult time applying Buddhism. Attempts have been made to filter the Buddhist world view towards a western audience. This filter seems necessary – let’s see what happened in the researcher’s experience.

Elements of Buddhism have been filtered into what has been called mindfulness. Mindfulness has been paired with other western approaches including dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). The researchers examined the effectiveness of these forms of therapy. They found efficacy for both approaches (Lau & McMain, 2005).

“The rationale for emphasizing mindfulness in MBCT and DBT stems from a shared philosophy: the belief that acceptance of experience, including all of life’s misery, has therapeutic benefit (Lau & McMain, 2005).” This comes from the first noble truth. It sparks the beginning. In its more authentic unfiltered, it sounds like – “Life is suffering.” I could continue with these noble truths and apply them directly to wellbeing, realization, and liberation. I am overjoyed with the possible synergy found in both these orientations and the future synthesis of diversity that moves towards the body-mind paradigm.

Years later I review these considerations on integration of the eastern and western philosophy and having through application seen the impact of mindfulness within my practice continue in alignment with the benefits of this synergy. At the subjective internal causes towards the objective external – the use of mindfulness practice as integrated with western stress management continues to mark excellent results. The use of integrated theory and practice including breathing exercises form the basis of the Stress Management and Relaxation Training group as well as the entry towards many individualized programs towards wholeness, health, wealth and abundance.

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