Recovery Sauce – The Benefits of Group Therapy

Recovery Sauce - Tuesday 10:00am - 11:00am - the Benefits of Group Therapy

Consider the benefits of the Recovery Sauce group;

“Group therapy has been a core aspect of drug and alcohol addiction recovery for several decades, and it has proven to be very effective.”

  • Experience relief and togetherness – Groups extend support – know that you are not alone, working with others experiencing similar challenges. “The Recovery Sauce group provides support.”
  • Experience encouragement – Groups extend empowerment – through witnessing the challenges and success of other group members you can find encouragement. “The Recovery Sauce group can propel you forward.”
  • Experience higher awareness – Groups extend perspectives – through expressing yourself you can gain alternative perspectives and learn how you sound to others. “The Recovery Sauce group as a sounding board.”
  • Experience learning – Groups can extend a mirror for you to view yourself and make changes. The Recovery Sauce group can help uncover new levels of awareness and knowledge – helping us to see blind spots in our patterns of thoughts and actions.

Experience the benefits of group therapy – Recovery Sauce – Every Tuesday at 10:00am – 11:00am

Located at 810 South 7th Street Las Vegas Nevada 89101
Call; (702) 518-3624 – Email;

Recovery Sauce

is a postmodern therapy group aimed towards achieving and maintaining recovery through facilitated support, caring and compassion.

Recovery Sauce a special kind of group

in that it moves away from the standard definitions of addictions treatment and mandated services. This program focuses on self-determinism supporting internal locus-of-control.

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