Recovery Sauce Friday’s at 10:00-11:00am

Recovery Sauce
Recovery Sauce; Friday's 10-11am <br />Recovery Sauce; Friday's 10-11am<br />Ivy Counseling; Where Courage meets Compassion

Has your life been consumed by drugs or alcohol? Do you ever feel lost?

You matter, You are Somebody’s Someone!

Recovery Sauce is a postmodern group aimed towards achieving and maintaining recovery through facilitated group support, caring, and compassion. This a special kind of group and program in that it moves away from the standard definitions of addictions treatment and mandated services. This program focuses on self-determinism thus supports choice and internal locus-of-control. We do not endorse drug testing or stigma related processes that have been associated with treatment in the past.

Recovery Sauce represents options that align with the current postmodern praxis (Theory, Dialogue and Action) as developed through education, supervision and experience towards a new integration of awareness that extends counseling services through compassion.

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