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Welcome to our website. This is Dustin Tomblin with Ivy Counseling. As a counselor working in Las Vegas I focus on –

Healing the trauma of medical diagnosis.

In the face of chronic or terminal illness how do I accept the unacceptable? When the darkness consumes me. When negative emotions overwhelm me in denial, depression, anger, fear, shame, guilt or envy – how can I confront this situation?

The world has been turned upside down as the shock knocks me over –

Accepting the unacceptable
We will work together towards wholeness after a life changing medical diagnosis.
Gain the ability to mentally and emotionally survive and thrive – Accepting the diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness.

Touched dynamically personally and professionally by medical diagnosis, I have the experience to help you and your family. I have provided therapy for many years as a Ryan White counselor working to help people accept the diagnosis of HIV and AIDS. This work radically changed lives for the better making possible light were there was darkness and despair.

As a counselor I come from a place of equanimity, a non-judgmental position extending compassion through the process of healing. A new story is possible, negative emotions and beliefs can be changed into something new. We can transmute these traumas into gold.

In the co-creation of the now moment unlimited power and possibility exist. I work with people to accept the unacceptable. I meet people where they are knowing the potential possible, I can see your light even if you cannot. The way out is through, I am your ally, your partner into the co-creation of the new you, into your new life, back into life.

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