Ivy Counseling

Feeling stuck? Wanting to change your thinking patterns and lifestyle but not sure where to start? Call and schedule your free 15 minute consultation. (702) 888-4002 or email ivycounselinglv@gmail.com Hope & Healing is Possible! Services include custom programs in connection with assessment, individual and group counseling.

Why Ivy?

The Ivy leaf represents growth and renewal, connection, friendship and opportunity. What makes ivy unique is the ability to grow despite facing the most challenging environments. We believe the same is true of each and every one of us. At the heart of every person – like the ivy leaf is the innate resilience to succeed over any difficult circumstance. This journey is meant to be walked with others – we are all part of a larger system – and so at Ivy Counseling connections are made, meaningful relationships are established and foundations for support are created. Ivy Foliage, Ivy Counseling, Counseling Las Vegas

We believe

The key to happy and healthy living is achieving higher levels of wholeness towards accomplishing purpose, goals and dreams.

We are best known for;

  • extending stress management, relaxation, and recovery
  • creating a confidential safe space of unconditional positive regard also know as extending equanimity
  • co-creating success stories to form a new basis for achievement through development and discovery of goals, resources and knowledge

The benefits

The many benefits of counseling can include learning more about self and acquiring new skills;

  • improvements in communication
  • higher levels of awareness, acceptance and self-esteem
  • stress management and relaxation
  • increasing the ability to express thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • increasing confidence and decision-making skills
  • the ability to resolve patterns and blocks
  • improving problem-solving and conflict resolution

Start Counseling today

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