How do I start?

Contact Ivy Counseling through phone (702) 518-3624 or email to set up an appointment.

What does the first session look like?

A discussion to explore concerns and goals. A space to determine if we want to work together and to handle the costs of funding for treatment.

What is the time and duration of individual sessions?

Individual sessions usually last 50-60 minuets and the duration of treatment is determined through the reflection on the achievement of goals.

What is the cost of counseling services?

We accept and develop Scholarships, Grants, Cash/Cards and Insurances to cover the cost of treatment.

Average cash pricing for an individual session starts at 80 dollars per session.
Average cash pricing for a group session starts at 20 dollars.

We currently accept MINES and Associates PPO, Magellan, and out of network insurance.
Ask us about our flexible payment options.